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AMARNA BOOKS AND MEDIA is a multi-platform publishing company based in Philadelphia. We are owned and operated by published writing professionals, and are dedicated to helping all creators publish their work in a supportive and collaborative relationship.

We are committed to the highest creative, technical, and ethical standards. Many companies in the marketplace will offer you package deals to publish your work. We have a range of services from which you can pick and choose.

For each project we take on, we assign a project manager who will walk you through every step of the publication process. We will match you up with the most appropriate editors, designers and advisors who will help you achieve your creative vision.

AMARNA publishes under our own imprint or yours. You, the author, will always retain the copyright in and to your work.

Thomas Edward West is the president and CEO of Amarna Books and Media. He's a published author, widely-produced playwright and librettist, and has extensive experience as an editor, designer, layout artist and website developer.

He spent over fifteen years at The Wall Street Journal, sharing a 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Reporting with his colleagues.


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