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How we will design, build and maintain your online presence:

Designing your website begins with you. Your website represents you and your business, and is quite often your first point of contact with your customer. Our process starts with your imagination and vision for your site.

We start with an interview, so that we can get to know you and your enterprise. We never impose a "cookie-cutter" site on you. We talk about look, feel, flow, and the information your site visitor needs to know... and what they don't. We want to know what your "dream site" would be, and imagine how we can achieve it.

If you need a domain or hosting, we will guide you through the process and, if needed, obtain both. We will also work out a timetable for the "go-live" date of your site and establish milestones and checkpoints along the way.

Next, we post a development site on a private server that only you can view. We then examine it online together, making changes in real time. This real-time collaboration can save weeks of back-and-forth discussions, because you can see your site develop right in front of your eyes.

After the initial work session, our web designers develop a new version of your site, and we get back together for another online session. This process continues until you're happy... at which time we launch the site.

We will develop both your desktop and device versions as we go. Many people first visit your site on their phones or handhelds, and if your site isn't maximized for these devices, people will move on.

Once your site is live, we will maintain it and make changes as needed to keep it current.

Get started now: 

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