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  • Print

    • Clear, elegant, readable interiors

    • Striking full-color covers (you can judge a book by one)

    • A "look and feel" approach that subtly helps your readers identify your book through visual components

    • Custom or licensed illustrations and/or graphics

  • Website

    • Your most essential design element; extending the "look and feel" to your site, including themed business cards

  • e-Book

    • Branding that ties your e-book to your print edition

  • Audiobook

    • On-screen visual branding

  • Tie-Ins​

    • We will extend your web/print design onto letterhead, business cards, flyers, CD covers/jackets, ads and ​any other materials you need.

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Good design works across platforms to brand your project.

We do more than just design your cover and book interior. Our total approach to design crosses all platforms to create a visual brand for your project.

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