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A Long Walk Home Cover FRONT ONLY.jpg

Veteran journalist Joe Strupp explores the effects of a still-unsolved murder on a quiet New Jersey suburb... and the lifelong impact on the victim's younger sister.

Lina's EEG Picture Book Front Cover.jpg

A picture story version of Lina's EEG Adventure, this richly illustrated book helps very young children and their friends and families understand seizures, epilepsy, and EEG testing.

Engaged Boards Will Fundraise Front Cover.jpg

A delightful picture book with jaunty rhyming text will charm and amuse the very youngest children (and adults, too) when two curious mice invade Ms. Pierre's classroom

Brian Saber teams with board governance guru Michael Davidson to explore the how good governance and fundraising intersect in this groundbreaking how-to book.

Crookedest Street Front Cover FINAL WEB.

Veteran journalist Joe Strupp takes his readers on a wild ride through the down-and-dirty world of San Francisco news and politics in the 1990s. 

Lina's EEG Adventure FRONT COVER final.p

Lina was playing checkers with her best friend when she fell down and shook all over. Now she has to get an EEG... a test for epilepsy. For kids and families

ACTC_CoverV2FINAL Front Crop.jpg

A Commitment to Compassion by Avram R. Kraft, MD,  invites all of us to consider what compassion means and how it can be part of our daily living. 

Boards and Asking Styles Front Cover.jpg

Fundraising expert Brian Saber's book for nonprofit boards features design and production by Amarna Books and Media.

Off The Wall At Sardi's by Vincent Sardi, Jr. and Thomas Edward West is  available exclusively at Sardi's Restaurant in New York and at Buy your copy online HERE.


A collection of poems from the pen of Henry (Hank) Marchese, collected in 2017 from years gone by. The book includes a  family history and photos.

The Hijacked Brain Front Cover RGB V3 02

The Hijacked Brain by Nathalie Concepcion and Bob McCullough is an indispensible resource for anyone seeking to improve their most valuable relationships.

Lives of Jesus Cover.png

Eldon Peat’s The Lives of Jesus reveals a Jesus no one knows. This is the true biography of his soul, tracing his incarnations back through time.

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